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Meet Dr. Greg

Hi there! My name is Dr. Greg Wolgin (hard G) and I am the owner and Chiropractor here at Peak Chiropractic and Wellness Center. I appreciate your interest in the office, me and chiropractic care!



  • I am originally from the suburbs of Detroit, MI
  • I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Eastern Michigan University
  • I went to the very prestigious Life Chiropractic College West for my chiropractic schooling
  • I moved to Denver in 2003
  • I began working at the office (what was then called Sport Align Chiropractic) in 2004.
  • I purchased the office from the previous owner later that year and have been running it ever since
  • In 2009 I moved the office to its current location, in the lovely Cherry Creek area (and LOVE IT here!)


  • I met my wife, the glorious Emily, in 2004; we were married in 2006 and had our first son (Jack) in 2010. In late July of 2015 we had our second son (Lucas).
  • While I have lived for some time in a few parts of Michigan, Ohio, Georgia and the Northern Californai area--Denver is my home, now!
  • I am a HUGE sports fan! I have participated and now treated folks who have played just about any sport you can imagine (I personally grew up playing soccer, baseball, tennis, hockey, golf, basketball, skiing). To this day, I still golf, play softball, tennis and ski a bit.


  • I have either worked or volunteered in over a dozen clinics in Michigan, Georgia, California and here in Colorado. I have had the great opportunity to learn from some of the biggest clinics and best doctors in the country. I spent a great deal of time finding out what makes a clinic run well, provides the best chance for both the doctor and patient to gain the best experience from their visit.
  • In some of the higher volume offices (which is not necessarily how I run my own) I have worked on upwards of 50 folks a day! I can handle a good amount of patients!



I like to simplify things as much as possible. I believe in chiropractic and all it has to offer, completely. I believe in not just getting people out of pain, but removing their nerve interference, through the chiropractic adjustment—to live fuller, happier, healthier lives. I believe in taking care of anyone who would like to live to the fullest—infants, children, pregnant women, teenagers, young adults, middle age and the elderly. I believe that once we can get you out of discomfort, that we should all fully understand what it takes to maintain your wellness.

By working in other offices and participating and learning from some great colleagues, I have devised a way that I believe is the MOST beneficial to the patients I treat. I have worked on babies (as young as a few minutes old-including my own son); to children of all ages, adults from every walk of life, to the elderly (including my own grandmother-who was over 90!), pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy and about every kind of folks in between.

I believe in health, wellness and the overall structure of the human body. Chiropractic easily allows me a guide to find out what kind of things are wrong with a person, make corrections (by the Adjustment) and allow the body to do what it was meant to do-HEAL ON IT'S OWN! That is the true measure of a good doctor, act as the medium for the patient.

I don't have a specific system that I use for a patient; I would rather let a patient and I formulate, personally and specifically, a plan that can work for THEM and ONLY THEM.

I use various styles and methods of care and equipment. I want to be the kind of chiropractor that can serve virtually any kind of patient, with most kinds of complaints, in a manner that makes them comfortable/eager and interested in long term benefits.

Perhaps my biggest message is the Chiropractic CAN be great for pain, discomfort and the management of such. However, there are many ways to control discomfort, Chiropractic is about so, so much more! Once the pain is gone, a person can literally change the way they go through life and live a much fuller, happier, pain-free, healthy existence by simply MAINTAINING their spinal health. THAT is what a Chiropractor can really do!

As a Chiropractor, I am also very fortunate to have a background and interest in:

  • stretching/exercise
  • ergonomics/posture
  • weight management/diet/supplementation-vitamins
  • Stress management
  • Overall Wellness, Health and Optimal Living!

I will say the following often, and mean it to the core of my being—HEALTH IS NOT PURELY THE ABSENCE OF SYMPTOMS, CONDITIONS OR DISEASE. IT IS THE OPTIMAL FUNCTION OF YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL FOR A FULL AND HEALTHIER EXISTENCE. This is the essence of chiropractic and what I hope to bring to everyone who steps through our door.

Dr. Wolgin's past/current-memberships/organizations/affiliations

  • Colorado Chiropractic License
  • Michigan Chiropractic License
  • Colorado-Physical Therapy and Electrotherapy License
  • Certified Independent Medical Examiner (chiropractic only)
  • Colorado Chiropractic Association
  • International Chiropractic Association
  • American Chiropractic Association
  • Better Business Bureau - Denver / Boulder
  • South Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

Thanks again for taking a minute to check out my Bio. I hope that this can give you a better insight into me, the style of care I can provide and how Chiropractic can be a great idea for you!

Call or e-mail me for anything, I promise to respond quickly to any question or comment!

- Dr. Greg

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